About Bailey Panoramas

Bailey Panoramas: Two Generations of Fine Arts Panoramic Photography

Oscar Bailey (1923-2010) was a fine art photography who spent much of his career working with an antique Kodak Cirkuit camera taking panoramic photographs.  These “Cirkuits” have been exhibited internationally.   Oscar’s son, Dan Bailey, is a lens and time-based media artist who has also been working with the panoramic image, but uses digital methods to create the images.

Dan and Parachute, Oscar Bailey, 1975

This is a Cirkuit that Oscar took of Dan in 1975 using a parachute as a prop and moving to 6 different positions during the photograph.  Two other individuals were moving behind holding the parachute up on poles.



OB's Desk with Grandchildren, NC, Dan Bailey, 1996

This is a portrait of Oscar at his desk with two of  his grandchildren that Dan took in 1996.  Each grandchild appears twice in the scene.

This site hosts most of Oscar Bailey’s cirkuit photographs.  Click here to view Dan Bailey’s panoramic work.